Music Monday: New Lana del Rey Single! Love. No, that's the name of it.

Okay, so due to the insanely gorgeous and strangely warm February weather, I was going to go with a summery and sunny kind of song, BUT....I just found out (thanks, Nicole!) that Lana has a new song out, officially I mean, so I can't just not include that today! The name of the song is Love, and it is her newest single since 2015, so I was super excited.  Well, I gave it a listen without the video.  I gotta say, initially, I didn't love it.  It's different than her songs that I love best.  But, I've listened to it a couple times since and it has actually grown on me.  It's got those vintage-y types of vibes that she is known for, but in a different way than her Ultraviolence album.  THEN, today I watched the video for the song.  And I think it solidified my feelings in the Like It category.  Can't say I love it yet, but give it a little time, and I may upgrade it to Love It.  Of course I will, Lana is my girl!  Give it a listen and see what you think!  Below is the video for it.

Ahhhhhh, it's been a nice break! But I've got some new posts coming soon!

Ahhhh, so I've been on a writing break because going back to non-holiday-time life takes some adjusting! Kids back in school....well, eventually.  Kids sick as dogs and coughing in my face and using my shirt as a tissue for their runny noses....gross.  Back to work (BLAH! no explanation needed).....Back to routines.

Well, now I'm back to life (baaaaack to life... baaaack to reality...who sang that?) and I've got some posts coming up. 

See you soon!