Music Monday: New Lana del Rey Single! Love. No, that's the name of it.

Okay, so due to the insanely gorgeous and strangely warm February weather, I was going to go with a summery and sunny kind of song, BUT....I just found out (thanks, Nicole!) that Lana has a new song out, officially I mean, so I can't just not include that today! The name of the song is Love, and it is her newest single since 2015, so I was super excited.  Well, I gave it a listen without the video.  I gotta say, initially, I didn't love it.  It's different than her songs that I love best.  But, I've listened to it a couple times since and it has actually grown on me.  It's got those vintage-y types of vibes that she is known for, but in a different way than her Ultraviolence album.  THEN, today I watched the video for the song.  And I think it solidified my feelings in the Like It category.  Can't say I love it yet, but give it a little time, and I may upgrade it to Love It.  Of course I will, Lana is my girl!  Give it a listen and see what you think!  Below is the video for it.